Material required:

  1. Wrapping Paper / old newspaper.
  2. Soft corrugated paper of 100 gsm media.
  3. Bubble sheet / polythene.
  4. Good clean cartons.
  5. Thermocole sheets at least 12mm thick.
  6. Sealing tape preferably 50 mm wide.
  7. Marker pen.

Things to consider:

  1. Pack on room-by-room basis. This will save confusion later.
  2. Start packing at least 15 – 20 days before the moving date.
  3. Start in areas where goods are not in frequent use.
  4. Empty drawers, almirah, cabinets and closets before packing.
  5. Pack heavy articles such as books in smaller boxes.
  6. Bulkier but not so heavy items like pots and pans go into larger cartons
  7. Very bulky lightweight items pillows, linen, clothes, lamp shades, stuffed toys go into the largest boxes.
  8. Pack cartons tightly. Stuff wads of paper in empty spaces.
  9. Do not load flammables, gas cylinders, gasoline, aresole cans or explosives on the carrier. 

Packing Flatware:
Wrap each plate separately with at least two sheets of wrapping paper. Stack six wrapped plates, bubble wrap the entire bundle and seal with tape. Place the bundle in the carton so that the plates are standing on edge. Fill padding in all empty spaces inside the carton.

Packing cups and glasses:
Wrap each cup and glass with paper. They can be nested, one placed inside another, and three or four bubble wrapped in a bundle, sealed with tape and placed in the carton.


Goblets and stemware:
Wrap singly in bubble. Do not nest them. Follow same procedure as above.

Small kitchen appliances:
Wrap small kitchen appliances such as blender, toaster etc, using corrugated paper and place together in one or more cartons as necessary.

Pots and pans:
Place two sheets of paper so as to line completely the interior of the largest pan. Place the next smaller pan in the larger pan and again line this with paper. Then insert a smaller pan. Approximately three pans can be nested. Rewrap the nested pans with wrapping paper and seal with tape.

Boxed foods, cereals etc:
There is no need to wrap such items. Seal the opened boxes with tape. Do not pack foodstuff if consignment is going into storage, as it tends to attract rodents etc.

Food containers:
Seal them with tape. Wrap each container and place in carton.

Table lamps:
Remove lampshade and bulb. Wrap cord around base of lamp. Wrap and seal with tape. In case the lamp does not fit in standard carton rewrap with corrugated paper and seal with tape.

Wrap and nest the lampshades to get three in a carton. Do not use newsprint to wrap shades. Do not pack anything with the shades. Lampshades can also be securely hung inside big cupboards or sideboards.

Picture and mirrors:
Small pictures can be wrapped and stood up in normal carton boxes. Extremely large pictures and mirrors can be packed in bubble sheet and corrugated paper then sealed with tape.

Folded clothes can be packed in clean polythene lined cartons.

Washing Machine:
Secure spinning mounted motors and brace the tub to prevent damage. Disconnect hoses, wrap and seal tightly. Wrap the machine in two layers of corrugated sheet giving extra padding at critical points. Seal with tape.

Refrigerator & Air conditioner:
Defrost and dry the refrigerator. Wrap like washing machine. Do not reconnect the appliance at destination until the unit has stood upright for twenty-four hours.

Home Electronics:
Pad television, computer, microwave with thermocole and wrap in bubble sheet. Rewrap with corrugated sheet and seal.

Furniture and Fixtures:
Wrap furniture in polythene and then corrugated sheets. Extra padding must be given on side’s corners and handles. Empty wardrobes, consoles, and cabinets before packing. Seal with tape.

Number all packages and clearly mark the contents and the respective room, such as lobby, dining room, master bedroom, children’s bed room, crockery, refrigerator, microwave etc. This will help while loading and unpacking.

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