How do I choose a moving company?
Make inquiries through friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Choose a company that has been in the business for a long time, as their reputation will be known. Above all trust your judgment, as you will be moving items that have a lot of sentiments attached. The cheapest may not always be the best.

What materials are used for packing?
Any or all of the following materials are used for packing depending upon the nature of the item. These generally include corrugated sheet, wrapping paper, cartons, bubble sheet, polythene, stretch film, Bopp tape, thermocole, wood etc.

Do you provide all packing material?
Yes we provide all standard packing material.

What is a partial move?
Partial move includes packing and loading only.

What is a door to door move?
This is a complete move and includes packing, loading, transportation, insurance, escort, unloading, unpacking and arranging at destination.

What will the move cost?
The cost depends upon the volume, nature of goods, services required and the distance to be covered. Fill in our online quotation form to receive a quick response.

What should I keep in mind regarding scheduling?
It is important to remember that moving is a seasonal business with peak months being March to July. If you are planning to move during these months, we recommend finalizing your moving dates with us 2-4 weeks in advance. Also the last and first few days of the month are especially busy, so please plan accordingly.

What should I keep in mind during the move?
We strongly recommend you take insurance cover for the move. Retain valuables, cash, medicines, legal papers and important documents with you during the move.

Why do I need insurance when professionals pack everything?
Damage can also occur due to reasons beyond professional control like road risk, accident, fire, civil commotion, theft, pilferage, non-delivery etc.

What is insurance coverage based on?
It is based upon the total value of your goods, as on date.

Does my homeowner’s policy cover my items for the move?
Most homeowner’s policies do not provide this coverage. Call your insurer and check with them.

How do I claim insurance if there is damage or loss of goods?
In the event of damage or loss make a mention of it on the carrier copy of the goods receipt. Have the damage surveyed on the spot by the authorized surveyor of the insurance company and submit his loss assessment report immediately.

Can you remove electrical and other fittings?
We recommend that you contact manufacturers / dealers electricians to remove the fittings and appliances such as ceiling fans, lights, air conditioner, water purifier etc.

How much time will packing and loading take at my residence?
Normally 150 square feet area, that is one room, takes 3 to 4 hours.

Can you move plants?
We recommend avoid transport of your plants as they die due to lack of water and sunlight. However, we will transport them at your risk.

How do I move my car?
Cars are carried on car carriers, which are specially designed for the purpose. Drivers can also drive them over land.

What documents are required for movement of cars?
Photocopy of vehicle registration certificate, comprehensive insurance policy, pollution certificate and car keys. Please retain the original set with you including duplicate car keys.

What documents are required for shipping and custom clearing?
Essential documents include photocopy of passport, visa, air ticket, letter of authority for custom clearance, signed inventory list and boarding pass. Proof of residence / resident permit for NRI and foreign national is also required.

What are additional services?
These include storage, making lift vans, crating, hoisting, appliance services, piano handling, placing individual items in drawers / closets, flight carry and shuttle service if access to your residence is limited and a second smaller carrier is necessary. These are charged separately.

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